Avengers: End Game, the Perfect Closing 22 Extraordinary Superhero Films

After waiting and a long journey, this is the film that has been waiting and become the culmination of the entire series of Marvel superhero films of this century, Avengers 4: Endgame. There is no film that might defeat the hype of this film before its launch, it could be because all the story lines have been made in such a way by Marvel studios and Disney, so there is a very strong cliffhanger in the Avengers: Inifinity War so people are curious and obliged to watch Endgame to complete the plot.

If you haven't watched Infinity Wars, it's highly recommended to watch it first and skip this review, because there are spoilers about the storyline that are an integral basis of the Endgame movie.

Through The Times

At the end of Infinity Wars, Thanos (Josh Brolin) who is invincible, managed to collect all infinity stones, pair them in the infinity gauntlet and defeat the Avengers by flicking fingers, making half of the creatures in the universe disappear into dust, including some superhero characters: Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Spider-man (Tom Holland), and so on.

From the remaining superheroes, including Captain America (Chris Evans), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Rocket (Bradley Cooper), they are desperate because they don't get a way to defeating Thanos, especially since Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) has said that there is only 1 scenario where the Avengers win against Thanos of 14 million in the future.

They are also scattered. Tony Stark / Iron Man was stranded on a starship with Nebula (Karen Gillan) and did not know how to go back to earth, whereas there were several other superheroes that were unknown, whether they were still alive or had become dust, including Hawkeye ( Jeremy Renner) who last returned to his family's home, and Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) who was not with the Avengers when Infinity War happened.

In the midst of despair, a long-awaited figure, Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), is predicted to be able to reunite all of the Avengers against Thanos. But of course because Carol Danvers doesn't know what happened at the present time, he needs to learn and know everything from scratch, including about modern technology that didn't exist in his era (90s).

In addition, the Avengers also began to uncover that the key to defeating Thanos was: time. How long can they use time? A time machine? Who can make it and how?

It's the End

The three hours which are very long for a film, are filled with unquestioned visuals, and Thanos vs. epic battles that are very epic and take up almost a quarter of the final film, so that the audience is guaranteed to be satisfied with the action presented (because if you are not satisfied, already no more Avengers movies anymore). The fans are also curious, are people who have become dust can come back again after Thanos is defeated? That will be answered at the end of FLM.

As an endless film, Endgame is truly a place of all-out creativity and telling. All characters involved in defeating Thanos have an important role, and we can see superheroes of different backgrounds and principles, willing to cooperate and sacrifice themselves to defeat Thanos.

And this fierce battle was very serious, so that it eventually claimed the victim. The existence of characters who experienced tragic events became one of the elements of curiosity that made this film a must to watch Marvel fans, but also made this film more humanistic and felt more real than previous films.

Finally, the Avengers Endgame may not be a flawless film in plot or cinematography, but Endgame wraps the entire Avengers franchise into a benchmark for superhero films in film history, and Marvel fans who faithfully watch from beginning to end are one part of that history.

For three hours the audience was spoiled by a variety of exciting actions, scenes directly related to the previous Avengers films, even the appearance of some unexpected figures. Prepare a tissue, free expression, if you want to applaud, please, if you want to cheer, please.

Endgame can be the only film where you can express as much as possible without fear of being rebuked by other movie viewers, because they will be busy expressing themselves. Oh yeah, there are no after-credits scenes, so there's no need to wait until the credits roll is finished. Unless you really want to enjoy a tribute clip as soon as the movie is finished or want to honor the production team and Marvel cast & crew who have worked hard to realize this ultimate film.

Have fun, enjoy the movie, and don't spoilers on social media.

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