How to register Facebook AdsBreak and Complete Terms

Making money by listing Facebook Ads Break is now available in Indonesia. Pretty tempting indeed, by uploading videos on Facebook you can make money. Through the advertisement break in the video you uploaded, you will get a prize money.

The way it works might be almost the same as Ads Break on Youtube. Now you can get these features via Facebook. What are the terms and conditions for the list? Let's look at the discussion below.

Facebook Ads Break Join Terms

Before knowing how to register Facebook Ads Break, of course you have to know the requirements to get Ads Break. Not all Facebook accounts can use this Ads Break service, only videos on fanpage accounts can be inserted into advertisement breaks. Ads Break cannot be used for a personal Facebook account. So you must first create a fanpage if you really want to get AsBreak.

After having a fanpage account, another requirement that must be met is to have 10 thousand followers or likers. Not only that, the videos you upload must also meet the requirements of Facebook. To get money, at least in the last 60 days you have to produce 30,000 one-minute impressions on a 3-minute video. The final requirement is country availability and language.

How to Submit Facebook Ads Break

If the requirements listed above have been fulfilled, you can immediately apply for Ads Break on your Facebook account. It's easy enough for the Facebook Ads Break list, you can follow the following steps.

  1. The first step is to go to the Facebook fanpage page that you have managed and meet the requirements. Then look for the "settings" icon and click on the icon.
  2. Next you will go to the settings page, look for the "Monetization" tab and observe the three submenus below.
  3. There are three submenu that you will encounter, namely "Ad Break", "Payout Settings", and "Eligibility".
  4. Before setting the advertisement break in your video, you must first click on the "Eligibility" sub menu. This sub menu serves to check your fanpage is feasible or not to be monetized.
  5. Once it's feasible, you can immediately set the ad break you want on your vodeo by clicking the "Ads Break" sub menu. You can set the placement of ad pauses on the video according to your wishes.
  6. While the "Payout Setting" submenu can be used for the process of withdrawing or withdrawing your money.
Earn Money from Facebook Ads Break

Quite easy indeed how to register Facebook Ads Break. You can get money from the number of viewers of the video you uploaded. Of course not 100% of the money from video ads on your Facebook fanpage is acceptable. 

There is a profit sharing from video ads with Facebook. Facebook will automatically cut the money you will get. The details of the distribution are 55% of the video ad results for you and 45% for Facebook.

Thus some brief explanations about how to get money from pausing Facebook ads. The development of technology now of course you must use to be able to add to your financial coffers. One of them is by using Facebook's Ads Break feature. 

Hopefully this discussion about Facebook Ads Break can be useful for you. It is also expected that you can immediately practice how to register this Facebook Ads Break and get as much money as possible through the video you uploaded.

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