Especially for Gamers! These 10 Campuses Have the World's Best eSport Program!

Do you like playing games, especially MOBA and FPS? Will you want to study on campus with an eSport or game program?

Along with the increasing trend of electronic sports or eSport in the world, various campuses have begun to implement eSport programs to produce Pro Player teams.

Curious, what campus has an eSport program? Come see more!

10 campuses that have the best eSport program in the world!

Not only companies that have eSport teams, it turns out there are also campuses that have eSport programs!

The following campuses or universities not only have eSport courses, but also produce Pro Player alumni who are ready to compete professionally in international tournaments.

Do you want to be one of the students? Come on, see the list of campuses with the best eSport program below:

1. Dian Nuswantoro University

The first is Dian Nuswantoro University or Udinus. This campus is located in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia and is famous for its new program, eSport.

Udinus is working with IeSPA Jateng to open this eSport program, while the main Udinus eSport program is Dota 2 and CS: GO. Students can also choose secondary branches, namely Mobile Legends, Point Blank, AOV, and League of Legends.

The plan, this campus will also add several other game branches such as Overwatch, PUBG, FIFA, Tekken, and others.

Are you interested in studying at this campus?

2. Miami University

Next is Miami University, this campus is located in Miami, Ohio. Besides being well-known for its best study programs, this campus also has an eSport program!

This eSport program began to be implemented since 2016 and successfully won the Overwatch National Association of Collegiate eSports in 2017.

Students on this campus can practice and compete in the King Library available on campus. Handsome!

3. University of Chichester

Well, if Chichester University has a 3-year program for eSport lessons.

In his lecture, each student will be taught to play and learn to set strategies in several game titles, including FIFA, Counter-Strike, LoL, and Project Cars. This program helps students to enter the world of more serious and professional games.

However, to take this eSport class, you have to spend a total of 27,750 Euros, equivalent to Rp.440 million. Chichester University is located in the UK, are you interested in undergoing the eSport study program here?

4. Maryville University

University of Maryville is located in St. Louise who used to be devoted to college students only. However, since 1960 has begun to accept students.

In 2015, Maryville University created an eSport program and became a winner in the League of Legends match in 2016.

The best record owned by this campus is 40 consecutive wins in the 2017 Collegiate Star League. Certainly a very remarkable achievement in the history of the eSport match!

5. University of Akron

Continuing to the University of Akron, which plans to build the best eSport facilities among other campuses. This campus is located in Ohio, United States.

Students who take the eSport program will be provided with special training and the best facilities to play the game.

The Akron University eSport program supports many games such as League of Legeds, Rocket League, CS: GO, Overwatch and Hearthstone.

Wow, Rildem really wants to follow. What about you guys, gang?

6. Columbia College

Said who is a chancellor on campus always surrounded by books and education?

Columbia College has a chancellor who likes to play Madden NFL, and had time to challenge his students to defeat him and be given a free book.

He also created an eSport program for students who like to play League of Legends, and become participants in the Collegiate Star League.

7. Chung Ang University

Turning to the Asian region, Chung Ang University, located in South Korea, has a new faculty, the Department of Sport Science.

Previously, this program trained athletes for traditional sports. However, as the development of sports increasingly led to the electronics field, a new study branch was created, eSport. Steady!

8. Robert Morris University

The Robert Morris University, University in Chicago that supports the first eSport program for the League of Legends game in 2014.

Now, more types of games are supported, namely Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, CS: GO, and many more.

The university is also sponsored by several gaming PC manufacturers such as Asus. Alumni who graduated from the eSport program proved the quality of their playing professionally.

Want to study here?

9. University of Utah

University of Utah is located in Salt Lake City and is one of the best eSport programs at the end of 2017.

The university itself has been implementing the gaming field since 2007, now a well-known eSport program with 33 members of professional gaming.

The eSport team is called Gamer U who competes in Hearthstone and Rocket League games. You can also be one of the students there. Cuz otw!

10. Georgia Southern University

Finally is the University of Georgia Southern, the campus is located in the city of Atlanta which is filled with skyscrapers.

The University supports professional eSport programs that can produce great eSport athletes. Now there are approximately 18 athletes who are participating in the eSport program there. The eSport program at this university has each team for several games, namely Overwatch, CS: GO, Call of Duty, and many more!

Some sponsors also enlivened helping the eSport team, such as Pizza Hut, Discord, and several other famous brands.

That's 10 campuses with the best eSport program in the world, guaranteed to play games if you join the program on this campus! Which campus is the best for you? Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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