Complete tutorial on Facebook Ads listing and how to use it

Want your business to succeed? Know the complete Facebook ads tutorial from A to Z. This will really help you in developing your business for the better. We ourselves know, in this digital era, indeed everything is so sophisticated that business matters can indeed be submitted with digital assistance as a media campaign. There are many benefits of using digital platforms for our business.

Facebook ads are platforms or promotional media that are provided directly by Facebook and are intended for people who are looking to introduce their business to the outside world. For facebook ads tutorial is also easy to learn, so it does not need special ability to create ads on Facebook.

By studying the complete Facebook ads tutorial, you can also use Facebook well. Don't just use it as a place to vent or spread hatred, make the best use of it with this Facebook ad and change your business to be bigger with Facebook ads.

Well, for those who are curious about how to make an ad on Facebook, here are the steps.

Tutorial on Early Stage Facebook Ads

Ads on Facebook usually do is a business fanpagge that was deliberately created. So, before you do the complete Facebook ads tutorial, it's good to make your business fanpage first. Only after the fanpage of your business becomes, it is immediately advertised with the following steps:

1. The first step is to open your fanpage, if you have created the status that will be advertised. Make a status as good as possible to attract the attention of other Facebook users. If necessary, add images and videos as ad support. If so, click publish.

2. Before advertising for Facebook ads, you must first have a business account manager to fill out the payment balance. If you have, please visit the business manager section, which forms 3 lines and is usually in the upper left corner.

3. After the 3 line icon is clicked, various features will appear for you to advertise on Facebook. To fill the bill so that your ad can be loaded, you must click "Business Settings".

4. The next complete Facebook ads tutorial is when there are several features in the Business Settings, but because you intend to make a payment, then click "Payment". After that, click "Add Payment Method" for the choice you want to pay by what method or method.

5. Now in the payment method there are several terms posted there, here are the explanations in the term:
  • Country Billing: that is to say you live in which country.
  • Currency: the currency used in the country.
  • Card Number is the card number that you use for the payment method.
  • Expiration or date of validity of the card. There are MM and YY symbols that you must fill.
  • Security Code that requires you to enter a 3-digit code that only you know for the credit card you use as the payment method.
6. You can choose various payment methods, you can paypal, credit cards and so on. If you have clicked "Select a Payment method" after selecting click "Continue".

When the payment process is complete, the next step you do is create an ad that will be raised by Facebook.

Tutorial on Second Stage Facebook Ads

After the payment balance has been completed, you are calm enough to be able to create an ad and be raised by Facebook. The method is quite easy and you. Check out the full Facebook ads tutorial for the second stage as follows:

1. Open the manager's business menu where there are 3 lines in the upper left corner, after the display opens, you select the "power editor" feature.

2. After the power editor has been clicked, then you can create an ad by clicking "Create Campaign", then a number of terms appear from the next display. The instance has the following intent:
  • A campaign name is the name of an ad that is created by you. Make a good and interesting ad name. To attract the attention of many people.
  • Campign objective is an ad that has an objective type there. For you to choose "Post Engagement".
  • Adset name aims to show the target ad that will come out later. For example, fashion ads, the name "Adset-Fashion" will appear.
  • Ad name is the name of the ad that will be raised by you.
3. The next complete Facebook ads tutorial is to fill in all the columns in the "creat campaign" properly and correctly. Don't carelessly fill it. After that, click "Save to draft".

4. In order for advertisements to be published, you can click on "Ad editing set" later you will set a daily budget that regulates advertising rates per day, there is also a start schedule where the adverts are started and the end schedule where the ads must end.

5. Still in the ad set editing column, you have to scroll to fill in the location, age, gender, and detailed targeting.

6. Still on ad set editing, you also have to do a placement, where there are 2 choices, namely automatic placements where the ad will be aired both on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously. While for editing placements where you can choose the placement of ads you want on Facebook alone without Instagram.

7. Then go to the ads menu and click the check mark on Ads, and you can click edit and make edits. When done, click "Review Draft Items".

8. After making sure your ad is finished, click confirm and wait for the ad from pending review to be active.

9. Now that your ad is active and in the title section of the ad you have there will be a status of "sponsored". Good luck!

Benefits of Using Facebook Ads

There is nothing wrong for us to know and learn about the complete Facebook ads tutorial. Because the benefits that you get when doing business and advertising on Facebook are very many. What are the benefits?
  • Advertising on Facebook is very affordable because it doesn't take much money and we can also set the advertising rates that we make and display on Facebook.
  • You can easily set yourself when your ad will be displayed and when the ad will be finished airing. So, it's not someone else or Facebook that stops it.
  • You are also free to target customers in more detail from the age range, gender location and interests. So, your ad will be successfully received by the customers you are aiming for.
  • The success of attracting customers to your place of business is very broad. Even when you are creating an ad, there will be an estimate of the person who will see your ad.
Now you don't need to be confused to advertise your business to the general public. Because by studying and understanding the complete Facebook ads tutorial, you will easily introduce your business to the intended customers.

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