7 Countries Refusing 5G Technology

Have you heard yet that 5G will be banned in some countries? Actually what can cause 5G to be banned in these countries? This is actually an extension of the case of a trade war between America and China, which then has a long tails between the United States vs. Huawei.

After the United States forcibly picked up the Huawei CFO, now this drama continues to ban Huawei's 5G technology.

Because, not only one but seven countries plan to block 5G infrastructure from Huawei. How can it be like that? Then 5G technology will be delayed? Check out the full explanation below!

7 countries plan to ban 5G infrastructure by Huawei

This case stems from the arrest of Huawei's Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Meng Wanzhou at the end of 2018 and then added to the situation.

This makes the United States begin to provide lights to close the path of Android cooperation with Huawei. This case also affects the Chinese government's policies that raise the tax price of smart devices from the US, Apple is related to trade war.

This also makes Apple shares drop by 27% in October 2018. The case of the trade war has an impact on the sales sector of technology devices. If this trade problem continues to heat up, it could be that technology companies are going bankrupt.

This problem then concerns the development of 5G technology by Huawei, as well as the trade in Huawei which is becoming increasingly difficult in the US, now the implementation of Huawei's 5G has been affected.

The United States accused Huawei that the 5G technology they created could be misused as a Chinese government espionage tool. Although in fact, the United States does not yet have strong evidence that the 5G technology that Huawei created was misused by the Chinese government to spy on other countries.

The US then invited its allies on the continent of Europe and Australia to guard and ban Huawei's 5G technology. Besides being banned in the US, 6 other countries also opened their voices to plan to block the development of 5G technology by Huawei. What country? Let's look at the list:

1. United States of America

First, of course, the United States, after assuming the application of spies on smart devices belonging to Chinese companies, it is now 5G's turn to be banned.

Quoted from Aljazeera, Huawei and ZTE Corp allegedly slipped spies on several devices sold, then carried out an investigation in 2012.

The US also seems to have started banning various technologies for large infrastructure in its area. The US also invites its allied countries (Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom) to participate in banning the development of 5G technology by Huawei.

2. Australia

Australia, one of the allied countries that also started banning the development of 5G technology since August 2018. The name Huawei was not mentioned in this ban.

Huawei has indeed provided 4G services in Australia, but it will not continue until 5G technology.

This ban was mentioned directly by the Australian government which stated that 'foreign countries are not permitted to provide 5G services'.

3. New Zealand

Furthermore, there are New Zealanders who also banned Huawei's 5G development. This was followed by requests by network operators, Spark to use 5G technology.

However, the government refused the request concerning the issue of security threats.

4. United Kingdom

Although 5G is one of the important infrastructures for the United Kingdom, still, the discourse of the ban on 5G technology in this country continues to roll.

In fact, BT Group (one of the technology companies in the United Kingdom that develops 5G technology) decided not to use 5G technology made with Huawei.

BT Group is also reportedly not going to use 3G and 4G technology that has been built by Huawei.

5. Canada

Canada has not officially banned 5G technology from Huawei but, Canada is investigating risks that might be generated from Huawei's 5G technology.

The government and companies in Canada have begun to exclude the trial of developing 5G technology by Huawei.

Some Canadian telecommunications companies have no plans to actually ban Huawei's 5G technology.

6. Germany

Similar to other countries, Germany also participated in banning Chinese companies from building 5G technology infrastructure in their countries, including Huawei.

Of course this prohibition is related to policies carried out by other allied countries, such as the US and Australia. Germany pays special attention to alleged acts of espionage that infiltrated Chinese-owned technology.

7. Japan

Japan is also one of the countries that uses Huawei's telecommunications equipment for its country.

However, the Japanese government seems to have begun to discuss discourse for the prohibition of marketing 5G technology by Huawei. Quoted from Aljazeera, the Japanese government held discussions with the US regarding security issues on Huawei's 5G devices.

They questioned the same problem, namely state security that might be broken down through Huawei devices.

It turns out that more and more countries are banning telecommunication equipment owned by Chinese companies, especially Huawei.

So, the 5G technology rejected by these 7 countries is 5G technology developed by Huawei, gang!

Because until now, Huawei is indeed the foremost in developing 5G technology in many countries. Maybe if telecommunication companies from other countries that develop 5G technology might not be banned like this.

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