10 Computer Myths, Number 4 Many are Cheated!

The word myth comes from Greek mythos which means 'word' or 'story'. Usually, myths are closely related to mystical stories that are around us. However, actually the myth isn't that narrow! Even in something as modern as a computer it cannot escape the name of myth.

Well, this time Rildem wants to share the most famous myths about computers and you can already believe!

10 Myths About Technology

Apparently there are many, ranging from the use of computers to issues around viruses. Reporting from various sources, these are the most famous myths about computers.

1. Computers Must Be Turned Off Every Night

This myth began in the early days of computers, where the specifications that were owned were still not as sophisticated as now. They do not want their computers to break quickly because they are often left lit at night. Maybe that was true in that era, but it doesn't apply now.

Getting here, computers are increasingly sophisticated. Maybe you need to turn on your computer overnight because you are downloading a game or backing up data.

This is not a problem at all. However, if you don't need it, it's better to shut down your computer to save energy.

2. You Must Defragment Your Hard Disk

Just like the previous point, this myth might apply several years ago. The reason is that magnetic hard disks used in the past are often mixed up in reading and writing data.

As a result, it will certainly slow down computer performance. Well, the hard disk that is circulating now will not experience such problems.

Not to mention the increasingly sophisticated operation system. In fact, defragmenting an SSD type drive can cause wear.

3. Files that have been deleted will disappear forever

When you feel you don't need a file, you will press Shift + Del to delete it permanently.

Unfortunately, it turned out that this did not happen directly. The file is still hanging around your hard disk, at least until another file is overwritten. Even when you delete a file that is in the Recycle Bin, the file will still be broadcast on your computer.

The reason is, the file is still needed if we enable system restore on our computer.

4. Private Mode in the Browser Will Not Leave a Trace

When you want to find a 'secret information' that doesn't want its tracks to be left behind, we will use the private mode that is now available in all browsers.

The problem is, is it really our secret really does not leave a trace? Leave no trace in browser history, maybe.

But, the search results will not be hidden from internet service providers, sites visited, or anyone who accidentally sees what you are looking for.

Well, so worry right? So repentance!

5. Apple Production Items Cannot Be Affected by Viruses

All Apple products are safe, from iPhone, MacBook, iMac, everything is safe! It's not 100% like that.

In fact, no computer in the world has proven 100% safe from virus attacks. Maybe when compared to Windows computers, Apple computers are indeed safer. However, there must be a gap that hackers can use to hack the system. So, the risk is still there.

It could be an attack that is not a virus, but another malware that is more dangerous!

6. Signal Bars Indicate Strong Internet Networks

The more full the network bar, meaning the stronger the internet signal right? Unfortunately, no! The bar shows signal strength to the nearest BTS tower or Wi-Fi router.

The more full the bar means the closer we are to the internet source.

Maybe you've experienced slow internet even though the signal bar is full. This can happen because maybe at the same time there are many people connected to the router.

In addition, the factor of the internet provider that you use is also a factor that determines the fast or slow internet.

7. Jailbreaking and Rooting Are Illegal Actions

Many people are worried that they will violate the law if jailbreaking on iOS and rooting on Android. In fact, it is 100% legal even though you will lose the warranty from your device.

So, if you plan to do this, you don't need to worry anymore. But, all kinds of risks of damage that might occur are entirely in your hands.

8. Refresh Button Speeds Up Computer Performance

When the computer is lagging badly, usually we will press the F5 key repeatedly so that it can run smoothly again.

Is that true? Apparently wrong. The refresh button only works to update the appearance of Windows.

For example, you change the name of the folder but it doesn't change. Well, this is where the refresh button will fix it immediately. So, why does the computer feel faster after we press the refresh button? Actually, if you just keep waiting for a few seconds it will also have the same effect.

Have you ever wondered, why when you press the refresh button, does your CPU usage graph immediately rise dramatically? This happens because refreshing is one of the heavy processes and will slow down other processes.

9. Cannot Revoke Flashdisk Directly

Before removing a flashdisk, usually we will click the Safety remove USB button first. We feel our flashdisk can be damaged if it doesn't follow this protocol.

In fact, you don't need to be afraid. Unless you are writing data, your flashdisk will not be damaged just because it is revoked just like that.

Safety remove USB only ensures that there is no activity that you are doing with your flashdisk.

10. The More RAM the faster the computer

Do you know what RAM stands for? If you don't know, Rildem will tell you. RAM stands for Random Access Memory.

That is, RAM is no more than a temporary storage space. Higher RAM only means you can open more programs simultaneously. Well, if on PC gaming, we need large RAM because there are many large games that consume very much RAM.

If we only have 8GB of RAM while the game requires 10GB of RAM, we can be sure the game will run smoothly.

Don't consume the RAM myth. If you want to speed up your PC, what you need to increase is not the amount of RAM, but the type of RAM.

That's the 10 myths about computers that you must know! Which one have you been believing for? Write in the comments column!

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