Watch out! PUBG Play Can Make You In Prison, This Is The Proof!

Do you like to play PUBG battle royale games? If so, you should be vigilant because now playing PUBG can make you jailed! After yesterday's news that playing this game was unlawful, of course this news made the PUBG players excited.

Which countries apply this? Is it true that PUBG players are imprisoned? Come see the following Rildem review!

Arrest of PUBG Players in India

Reporting from various sources, several cities in India have set a ban on playing PUBG. For those who violate, they will be thrown in jail. This is not just mere bullshit. Twenty people were arrested in Gujarat for playing PUBG for two days.

Are there laws? There is, contained in the Indian Criminal Code Chapter 188 Section 35 concerning violations of notifications issued by the Police Commission.
What notice was issued? Prohibition of playing PUBG games, where these rules take effect since March 6, 2019. Not only was arrested, the cellphones of the PUBG players were confiscated as evidence.

The basis for issuing this regulation is because the Indian government believes that PUBG is a game that is dangerous because it will make addiction and not good for children. PUBG is considered to contain violence and make children become lazy to learn. The police also said there were many requests from parents to block PUBG in India.

So, how long have they been detained? It turned out that the PUBG players were released on the day they were arrested on bail. If they still repeat the same mistakes, they are threatened with being jailed for one month. The Indian government is under the spotlight on this policy. Many people think that the government should think of more important and urgent problems.

Arrest in China

In early 2018 in China, 120 people were arrested. Not because of addiction to playing PUBG, but because they made and designed the PUBG cheat. This is an action taken by Tencent as the PUBG game developer. They want to reduce the number of cheaters in this game when it will be released, and one of the ways is by prison.

Worse, the cheat contains a trojan horse virus that can steal user data and illegally abuse it. Because PUBG is a game made in China, most likely this game will not be prohibited from being played by its citizens.

Should PUBG Players be Imprisoned?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), addiction to playing games is one type of mental disorder.

However, according to WHO, players who are addicted to PUBG should not be imprisoned, but given therapy to reduce the level of addiction as drug users. You should be grateful because there are no such restrictions in Indonesia. You can play PUBG without fear of being raided by the police.

What if this regulation applies in Indonesia? What is certain will be a wave of massive protests. Playing games is one activity that can refresh choices and reduce fatigue caused by daily routines. But of course as long as the duration of play is not excessive. Whatever is excessive, including playing PUBG, is certainly not good for us.


So, can playing PUBG make us imprisoned? The answer can be, if you play in India or get caught making cheats to make it easy for chicken winners. You can also be punished by your parents if you can't stop playing. Can be in the form of confiscation of HP or locked up in a room without an accompanying cellphone.

So, as long as you don't do the things that Rildem said above, you don't need to worry about being jailed for playing PUBG.

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