7 Facts about Kimi Hime, Number 4 Frequently Asked Questions by Men!

Who feels Kimi Hime's fans? Rildem is sure that many of you are Kimi Hime fans. This one Youtuber is indeed often the subject of discussion, including various controversy that he did in his channel. Are you curious about the facts of Kimi Hime? No need to be curious anymore because Rildem will tell you the facts!

For those who don't know, Kimi Hime is a gamers who have Youtube channels with a subscriber number of almost 1.5 million. She was rumored to be dating Ericko Lim, even though both sides had denied the rumor. Kimi is also known to have a pet dog named Baba.

Of course many are curious about this one character and want to know Kimi more deeply. Are you ready to read the facts about Kimi Hime?

Here's the Facts About Kimi Hime

1. Real Name and Date of Birth

Actually Kimi Hime isn't her real name! The real name of this youtuber is Kimberly Khoe.

He added the word Hime behind him because in Japanese the word meant empress. Impressed very feminine right? Kimi was born on January 4, 1990 and is a sign of the Capricorn.

2. Lecture Place Kimi

Kimi is a graduate of Bunda Mulia University majoring in Information Systems. When school and college, he limits his playing time to a maximum of 4 hours per day.

3. Kimi's First Game

According to his confession, he has been fond of playing games since kindergarten. What game was played at that time? The answer is classic games in NES, SEGA, Tamagochi and Tetris.

For online games, the first game he played was Ragnarok. After that, he played Dota more often. Starting from Dota, he is quite good at playing Mobile Legends.

Since childhood, he really wanted to have a career in the game world. Now his dream has been reached and he is working with Facebook Gaming to do livestream every day.

4. Never Breast Surgery

One of the questions that is often asked to Kimi is whether he has operated on her breasts.

In one of the QnA videos on his channel, he claimed that his breasts were authentic. In fact, he often felt ashamed of the size of his chest.

5. A Caster

Besides playing games, Kimi is also a caster. What is that? Caster is a commentator in the game world.
So, when there is a PUBG match for example, Kimi will chatter commenting on game play, game flow, and the ins and outs of games like football commentators.

6. Gait in the Game World

In addition, Kimi also joined the eSport team called Revival Ladies division Dota 2 in 2016. Even Kimi became captain! Oh yeah, he also won second place in the ASM Championship Onmyoji Arena competition for the Southeast Asian region.

Kimi was also a brand ambassador of the EVOS Esport team before finally deciding to resign for no apparent reason.

7. Ever Reported to KPAI (Broadcast Commission in Indonesia)

One of the controversies that Kimi made besides her sexy appearance was because the title of her content was always ambiguous and leading to adult matters.

In fact, the average subscriber Kimi is 14 to 26 years old. Of course this is troubling parents. Even Kimi was threatened with being reported to KPAI if he did not delete adult content on his YouTube channel.

Apart from all the controversies he made, Kimi Hime is one of the talented gamers that Indonesia has. By knowing the various facts before, you don't like Kimi more?

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