5 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin Directly on an Android Phone

Do you think digital money investments like Bitcoin are still profitable now?

If so, then you don't need a lot of capital to follow. You see, there are now many ways to get free Bitcoin that can be tried.

You can even do it directly on an Android phone armed with a number of applications that you can also download for free. How is it complete? Come see the following Rildem review.

1. BTC Safari - Free Bitcoin

For the first recommendation, there is BTC Safari - Free Bitcoin which is the easiest way to get Bitcoin that you can try.

This application will pay you every 15 minutes and allow you to get up to 400 Satoshi in one claim. BTC Safari is fairly easy to use and doesn't have many features.

Even though it looks like a normal application, BTC Safari can still be trusted. To use it, you can simply register the email address and address of the Bitcoin Wallet.

2. Claim Free Bitcoin

How it works Bitcoin-producing applications called Claim Free Bitcoin is also not too different as before.

In this application you will be able to make claims on a number of Satoshi that can be withdrawn every 15 minutes. Oh yes, in one claim you can get up to 1500 Satoshi at the maximum.

In appearance, you will get some instructions on how to use and gifts that you can get. It's tempting for you to try it right away.

3. CashPirate - Make & Earn Money

CashPirate - Make & Earn Money is basically not a direct Bitcoin generating application.

Instead, you can choose the payment option using Bitcoin every time you pay and it will immediately be transferred to the Bitcoin Wallet account. CashPirate is also claimed by many to be the fastest and easiest application to get Bitcoin for free.

Here you only have to complete a number of tasks, such as downloading applications, answering surveys, watching videos to register for certain offers,

4. Storm Play - Crypto, Bitcoin & Ethereum for Free (Most Recommended)

Then there is Storm Play - Crypto, Bitcoin & Ethereum for Free, which is easy to play and use for novice users. The Storm Play application or formerly Bitmaker has two mechanisms to get digital money.

First, you can get it every 30 minutes by opening the application and watching video ads in it. Second, you can follow various tasks given such as downloading applications and more.

The more tasks you play, of course the more nominal Bitcoin you can produce. It's really profitable.

5. Sweatcoin

Can you get free Bitcoin and exercise so that your body gets fit? You can really use this application!

Sweatcoin is a cryptocurrency application that requires you to exercise and get a free Bitcoin according to your business. This application will scan using GPS location and convert steps into Sweatcoins units.

Even though it is only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, you can also install Sweatcoin at this time and this application will provide notifications when available in your country.

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