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Making money by listing Facebook Ads Break is now available in Indonesia. Pretty tempting indeed, by uploading videos on Facebook you can make money. Through the advertisement break in the video you uploaded, you will get a prize money.

The way it works might be almost the same as Ads Break on Youtube. Now you can get these features via Facebook. What are the terms and conditions for the list? Let's look at the discussion below.

Facebook Ads Break Join Terms

Before knowing how to register Facebook Ads Break, of course you have to know the requirements to get Ads Break. Not all Facebook accounts can use this Ads Break service, only videos on fanpage accounts can be inserted into advertisement breaks. Ads Break cannot be used for a personal Facebook account. So you must first create a fanpage if you really want to get AsBreak.

After having a fanpage account, another requirement that must be met is to have 10 thousand followers or likers. Not only that, the videos you upload must also meet the requirements of Facebook. To get money, at least in the last 60 days you have to produce 30,000 one-minute impressions on a 3-minute video. The final requirement is country availability and language.

How to Submit Facebook Ads Break

If the requirements listed above have been fulfilled, you can immediately apply for Ads Break on your Facebook account. It's easy enough for the Facebook Ads Break list, you can follow the following steps.

  1. The first step is to go to the Facebook fanpage page that you have managed and meet the requirements. Then look for the "settings" icon and click on the icon.
  2. Next you will go to the settings page, look for the "Monetization" tab and observe the three submenus below.
  3. There are three submenu that you will encounter, namely "Ad Break", "Payout Settings", and "Eligibility".
  4. Before setting the advertisement break in your video, you must first click on the "Eligibility" sub menu. This sub menu serves to check your fanpage is feasible or not to be monetized.
  5. Once it's feasible, you can immediately set the ad break you want on your vodeo by clicking the "Ads Break" sub menu. You can set the placement of ad pauses on the video according to your wishes.
  6. While the "Payout Setting" submenu can be used for the process of withdrawing or withdrawing your money.
Earn Money from Facebook Ads Break

Quite easy indeed how to register Facebook Ads Break. You can get money from the number of viewers of the video you uploaded. Of course not 100% of the money from video ads on your Facebook fanpage is acceptable. 

There is a profit sharing from video ads with Facebook. Facebook will automatically cut the money you will get. The details of the distribution are 55% of the video ad results for you and 45% for Facebook.

Thus some brief explanations about how to get money from pausing Facebook ads. The development of technology now of course you must use to be able to add to your financial coffers. One of them is by using Facebook's Ads Break feature. 

Hopefully this discussion about Facebook Ads Break can be useful for you. It is also expected that you can immediately practice how to register this Facebook Ads Break and get as much money as possible through the video you uploaded.
Want your business to succeed? Know the complete Facebook ads tutorial from A to Z. This will really help you in developing your business for the better. We ourselves know, in this digital era, indeed everything is so sophisticated that business matters can indeed be submitted with digital assistance as a media campaign. There are many benefits of using digital platforms for our business.

Facebook ads are platforms or promotional media that are provided directly by Facebook and are intended for people who are looking to introduce their business to the outside world. For facebook ads tutorial is also easy to learn, so it does not need special ability to create ads on Facebook.

By studying the complete Facebook ads tutorial, you can also use Facebook well. Don't just use it as a place to vent or spread hatred, make the best use of it with this Facebook ad and change your business to be bigger with Facebook ads.

Well, for those who are curious about how to make an ad on Facebook, here are the steps.

Tutorial on Early Stage Facebook Ads

Ads on Facebook usually do is a business fanpagge that was deliberately created. So, before you do the complete Facebook ads tutorial, it's good to make your business fanpage first. Only after the fanpage of your business becomes, it is immediately advertised with the following steps:

1. The first step is to open your fanpage, if you have created the status that will be advertised. Make a status as good as possible to attract the attention of other Facebook users. If necessary, add images and videos as ad support. If so, click publish.

2. Before advertising for Facebook ads, you must first have a business account manager to fill out the payment balance. If you have, please visit the business manager section, which forms 3 lines and is usually in the upper left corner.

3. After the 3 line icon is clicked, various features will appear for you to advertise on Facebook. To fill the bill so that your ad can be loaded, you must click "Business Settings".

4. The next complete Facebook ads tutorial is when there are several features in the Business Settings, but because you intend to make a payment, then click "Payment". After that, click "Add Payment Method" for the choice you want to pay by what method or method.

5. Now in the payment method there are several terms posted there, here are the explanations in the term:
  • Country Billing: that is to say you live in which country.
  • Currency: the currency used in the country.
  • Card Number is the card number that you use for the payment method.
  • Expiration or date of validity of the card. There are MM and YY symbols that you must fill.
  • Security Code that requires you to enter a 3-digit code that only you know for the credit card you use as the payment method.
6. You can choose various payment methods, you can paypal, credit cards and so on. If you have clicked "Select a Payment method" after selecting click "Continue".

When the payment process is complete, the next step you do is create an ad that will be raised by Facebook.

Tutorial on Second Stage Facebook Ads

After the payment balance has been completed, you are calm enough to be able to create an ad and be raised by Facebook. The method is quite easy and you. Check out the full Facebook ads tutorial for the second stage as follows:

1. Open the manager's business menu where there are 3 lines in the upper left corner, after the display opens, you select the "power editor" feature.

2. After the power editor has been clicked, then you can create an ad by clicking "Create Campaign", then a number of terms appear from the next display. The instance has the following intent:
  • A campaign name is the name of an ad that is created by you. Make a good and interesting ad name. To attract the attention of many people.
  • Campign objective is an ad that has an objective type there. For you to choose "Post Engagement".
  • Adset name aims to show the target ad that will come out later. For example, fashion ads, the name "Adset-Fashion" will appear.
  • Ad name is the name of the ad that will be raised by you.
3. The next complete Facebook ads tutorial is to fill in all the columns in the "creat campaign" properly and correctly. Don't carelessly fill it. After that, click "Save to draft".

4. In order for advertisements to be published, you can click on "Ad editing set" later you will set a daily budget that regulates advertising rates per day, there is also a start schedule where the adverts are started and the end schedule where the ads must end.

5. Still in the ad set editing column, you have to scroll to fill in the location, age, gender, and detailed targeting.

6. Still on ad set editing, you also have to do a placement, where there are 2 choices, namely automatic placements where the ad will be aired both on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously. While for editing placements where you can choose the placement of ads you want on Facebook alone without Instagram.

7. Then go to the ads menu and click the check mark on Ads, and you can click edit and make edits. When done, click "Review Draft Items".

8. After making sure your ad is finished, click confirm and wait for the ad from pending review to be active.

9. Now that your ad is active and in the title section of the ad you have there will be a status of "sponsored". Good luck!

Benefits of Using Facebook Ads

There is nothing wrong for us to know and learn about the complete Facebook ads tutorial. Because the benefits that you get when doing business and advertising on Facebook are very many. What are the benefits?
  • Advertising on Facebook is very affordable because it doesn't take much money and we can also set the advertising rates that we make and display on Facebook.
  • You can easily set yourself when your ad will be displayed and when the ad will be finished airing. So, it's not someone else or Facebook that stops it.
  • You are also free to target customers in more detail from the age range, gender location and interests. So, your ad will be successfully received by the customers you are aiming for.
  • The success of attracting customers to your place of business is very broad. Even when you are creating an ad, there will be an estimate of the person who will see your ad.
Now you don't need to be confused to advertise your business to the general public. Because by studying and understanding the complete Facebook ads tutorial, you will easily introduce your business to the intended customers.
The word myth comes from Greek mythos which means 'word' or 'story'. Usually, myths are closely related to mystical stories that are around us. However, actually the myth isn't that narrow! Even in something as modern as a computer it cannot escape the name of myth.

Well, this time Rildem wants to share the most famous myths about computers and you can already believe!

10 Myths About Technology

Apparently there are many, ranging from the use of computers to issues around viruses. Reporting from various sources, these are the most famous myths about computers.

1. Computers Must Be Turned Off Every Night

This myth began in the early days of computers, where the specifications that were owned were still not as sophisticated as now. They do not want their computers to break quickly because they are often left lit at night. Maybe that was true in that era, but it doesn't apply now.

Getting here, computers are increasingly sophisticated. Maybe you need to turn on your computer overnight because you are downloading a game or backing up data.

This is not a problem at all. However, if you don't need it, it's better to shut down your computer to save energy.

2. You Must Defragment Your Hard Disk

Just like the previous point, this myth might apply several years ago. The reason is that magnetic hard disks used in the past are often mixed up in reading and writing data.

As a result, it will certainly slow down computer performance. Well, the hard disk that is circulating now will not experience such problems.

Not to mention the increasingly sophisticated operation system. In fact, defragmenting an SSD type drive can cause wear.

3. Files that have been deleted will disappear forever

When you feel you don't need a file, you will press Shift + Del to delete it permanently.

Unfortunately, it turned out that this did not happen directly. The file is still hanging around your hard disk, at least until another file is overwritten. Even when you delete a file that is in the Recycle Bin, the file will still be broadcast on your computer.

The reason is, the file is still needed if we enable system restore on our computer.

4. Private Mode in the Browser Will Not Leave a Trace

When you want to find a 'secret information' that doesn't want its tracks to be left behind, we will use the private mode that is now available in all browsers.

The problem is, is it really our secret really does not leave a trace? Leave no trace in browser history, maybe.

But, the search results will not be hidden from internet service providers, sites visited, or anyone who accidentally sees what you are looking for.

Well, so worry right? So repentance!

5. Apple Production Items Cannot Be Affected by Viruses

All Apple products are safe, from iPhone, MacBook, iMac, everything is safe! It's not 100% like that.

In fact, no computer in the world has proven 100% safe from virus attacks. Maybe when compared to Windows computers, Apple computers are indeed safer. However, there must be a gap that hackers can use to hack the system. So, the risk is still there.

It could be an attack that is not a virus, but another malware that is more dangerous!

6. Signal Bars Indicate Strong Internet Networks

The more full the network bar, meaning the stronger the internet signal right? Unfortunately, no! The bar shows signal strength to the nearest BTS tower or Wi-Fi router.

The more full the bar means the closer we are to the internet source.

Maybe you've experienced slow internet even though the signal bar is full. This can happen because maybe at the same time there are many people connected to the router.

In addition, the factor of the internet provider that you use is also a factor that determines the fast or slow internet.

7. Jailbreaking and Rooting Are Illegal Actions

Many people are worried that they will violate the law if jailbreaking on iOS and rooting on Android. In fact, it is 100% legal even though you will lose the warranty from your device.

So, if you plan to do this, you don't need to worry anymore. But, all kinds of risks of damage that might occur are entirely in your hands.

8. Refresh Button Speeds Up Computer Performance

When the computer is lagging badly, usually we will press the F5 key repeatedly so that it can run smoothly again.

Is that true? Apparently wrong. The refresh button only works to update the appearance of Windows.

For example, you change the name of the folder but it doesn't change. Well, this is where the refresh button will fix it immediately. So, why does the computer feel faster after we press the refresh button? Actually, if you just keep waiting for a few seconds it will also have the same effect.

Have you ever wondered, why when you press the refresh button, does your CPU usage graph immediately rise dramatically? This happens because refreshing is one of the heavy processes and will slow down other processes.

9. Cannot Revoke Flashdisk Directly

Before removing a flashdisk, usually we will click the Safety remove USB button first. We feel our flashdisk can be damaged if it doesn't follow this protocol.

In fact, you don't need to be afraid. Unless you are writing data, your flashdisk will not be damaged just because it is revoked just like that.

Safety remove USB only ensures that there is no activity that you are doing with your flashdisk.

10. The More RAM the faster the computer

Do you know what RAM stands for? If you don't know, Rildem will tell you. RAM stands for Random Access Memory.

That is, RAM is no more than a temporary storage space. Higher RAM only means you can open more programs simultaneously. Well, if on PC gaming, we need large RAM because there are many large games that consume very much RAM.

If we only have 8GB of RAM while the game requires 10GB of RAM, we can be sure the game will run smoothly.

Don't consume the RAM myth. If you want to speed up your PC, what you need to increase is not the amount of RAM, but the type of RAM.

That's the 10 myths about computers that you must know! Which one have you been believing for? Write in the comments column!

Do you like playing games, especially MOBA and FPS? Will you want to study on campus with an eSport or game program?

Along with the increasing trend of electronic sports or eSport in the world, various campuses have begun to implement eSport programs to produce Pro Player teams.

Curious, what campus has an eSport program? Come see more!

10 campuses that have the best eSport program in the world!

Not only companies that have eSport teams, it turns out there are also campuses that have eSport programs!

The following campuses or universities not only have eSport courses, but also produce Pro Player alumni who are ready to compete professionally in international tournaments.

Do you want to be one of the students? Come on, see the list of campuses with the best eSport program below:

1. Dian Nuswantoro University

The first is Dian Nuswantoro University or Udinus. This campus is located in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia and is famous for its new program, eSport.

Udinus is working with IeSPA Jateng to open this eSport program, while the main Udinus eSport program is Dota 2 and CS: GO. Students can also choose secondary branches, namely Mobile Legends, Point Blank, AOV, and League of Legends.

The plan, this campus will also add several other game branches such as Overwatch, PUBG, FIFA, Tekken, and others.

Are you interested in studying at this campus?

2. Miami University

Next is Miami University, this campus is located in Miami, Ohio. Besides being well-known for its best study programs, this campus also has an eSport program!

This eSport program began to be implemented since 2016 and successfully won the Overwatch National Association of Collegiate eSports in 2017.

Students on this campus can practice and compete in the King Library available on campus. Handsome!

3. University of Chichester

Well, if Chichester University has a 3-year program for eSport lessons.

In his lecture, each student will be taught to play and learn to set strategies in several game titles, including FIFA, Counter-Strike, LoL, and Project Cars. This program helps students to enter the world of more serious and professional games.

However, to take this eSport class, you have to spend a total of 27,750 Euros, equivalent to Rp.440 million. Chichester University is located in the UK, are you interested in undergoing the eSport study program here?

4. Maryville University

University of Maryville is located in St. Louise who used to be devoted to college students only. However, since 1960 has begun to accept students.

In 2015, Maryville University created an eSport program and became a winner in the League of Legends match in 2016.

The best record owned by this campus is 40 consecutive wins in the 2017 Collegiate Star League. Certainly a very remarkable achievement in the history of the eSport match!

5. University of Akron

Continuing to the University of Akron, which plans to build the best eSport facilities among other campuses. This campus is located in Ohio, United States.

Students who take the eSport program will be provided with special training and the best facilities to play the game.

The Akron University eSport program supports many games such as League of Legeds, Rocket League, CS: GO, Overwatch and Hearthstone.

Wow, Rildem really wants to follow. What about you guys, gang?

6. Columbia College

Said who is a chancellor on campus always surrounded by books and education?

Columbia College has a chancellor who likes to play Madden NFL, and had time to challenge his students to defeat him and be given a free book.

He also created an eSport program for students who like to play League of Legends, and become participants in the Collegiate Star League.

7. Chung Ang University

Turning to the Asian region, Chung Ang University, located in South Korea, has a new faculty, the Department of Sport Science.

Previously, this program trained athletes for traditional sports. However, as the development of sports increasingly led to the electronics field, a new study branch was created, eSport. Steady!

8. Robert Morris University

The Robert Morris University, University in Chicago that supports the first eSport program for the League of Legends game in 2014.

Now, more types of games are supported, namely Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, CS: GO, and many more.

The university is also sponsored by several gaming PC manufacturers such as Asus. Alumni who graduated from the eSport program proved the quality of their playing professionally.

Want to study here?

9. University of Utah

University of Utah is located in Salt Lake City and is one of the best eSport programs at the end of 2017.

The university itself has been implementing the gaming field since 2007, now a well-known eSport program with 33 members of professional gaming.

The eSport team is called Gamer U who competes in Hearthstone and Rocket League games. You can also be one of the students there. Cuz otw!

10. Georgia Southern University

Finally is the University of Georgia Southern, the campus is located in the city of Atlanta which is filled with skyscrapers.

The University supports professional eSport programs that can produce great eSport athletes. Now there are approximately 18 athletes who are participating in the eSport program there. The eSport program at this university has each team for several games, namely Overwatch, CS: GO, Call of Duty, and many more!

Some sponsors also enlivened helping the eSport team, such as Pizza Hut, Discord, and several other famous brands.

That's 10 campuses with the best eSport program in the world, guaranteed to play games if you join the program on this campus! Which campus is the best for you? Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

The development of mobile phones has a long history, but this device became popular in the 90s. Along with the popularity gained, of course the myths surrounding the cellphone appear that come from somewhere. From the myths that have been circulating for a long time, Rildem wants you to know 10 mobile myths that have proven to be mere hoaxes!

10 Mobile Myths That Turns Hoaxes

Hayo, Rildem is sure you believe in some of the myths below! Try to check, what are the actual facts of the myths that you believe in.

Ready? Let's just take a look at Rildem's review below!

1. Closing the Background Application Will Speed Up Mobile

If your mobile feels slow, close all running applications.

Logically, mobile work will be heavy and drain the battery when we open so many applications at one time.

Maybe there is some truth, but in fact most modern smartphones have been designed to optimize the tasks that you are opening.

Whereas the applications that you have opened but are not currently using (background apps), will not confiscate your RAM. Closing an unused application doesn't hurt, but don't expect your cellphone to be faster.

2. Phones with Charged Conditions Will Make Mobile Phone Explode

Don't call when your smartphone is checked because it will trigger an explosion.

As long as the charger you are using is not a fake brand, your cellphone will not explode and make you hurt. If you use a cheap charger that doesn't guarantee quality, then you have to be careful in using it.

3. The Greater Megapixel the Better the Camera

The bigger the MP from a cellphone camera, the better the image produced.

In fact, the size of the megapixels of a camera is only related to how many photos you can take.

Good or not the results of the photo are determined by many factors, such as the quality of sensors, lenses, to the image processor. So, even if you find a smartphone with a 100MP camera, don't be sure that your smartphone's camera is the best.

4. Mobile Phones Can Be Used to Cook Eggs

Radiation emitted by mobile phones can make a telephone mature.

Ever circulated a video on Youtube about the existence of a cooked egg when placed between two cellphones.

The video wants to show the danger of radiation to our brain when making a call. The problem is, the video is just a hoax! Mobile phones do emit microscopic radiation, but you need at least 7,000 cellphones to make eggs mature.

5. Rice can be used to dry cellphones

If the cellphone is accidentally submerged in water, put it in the rice so that the water is absorbed.

Even though rice can absorb moisture, in fact the new rice can do it when in direct contact with water.

When your cellphone is plunged into a swimming pool, maybe rice can absorb water on the surface of the cellphone, but not with water that has entered the engine. Moreover, there is a type of flour in rice that can cause corrosion. Fortunately, the existing smartphone on average is equipped with a waterproof feature.

6. Removing a SIM Card Makes You Not Traced

In order not to be tracked, you must remove the SIM card from your mobile.

The bigger myth is about tracking. Unless we enter the People Search List (DPO), we will not be tracked by anyone, both the government and the police. So does issuing driving letters make us untraceable? The answer is no. As long as our smartphone is on, we can still be tracked by the authorities.

7. Screen Protector Will Prevent Scratches

Mobile phones must use a screen protector to avoid scratches.

When a smartphone with the first touch screen display comes out, the screen is made of thin glass which is prone to scratches and cracks.

To protect the screen from these risks, made a screen protector that is able to minimize scratches and cracks. However, smartphone manufacturers have now equipped their devices with a tough and scratch-resistant screen.

So, if you buy a smartphone, you don't need to buy a screen protector, unless you want to provide extra protection.

8. Cannot Use Mobile Phones in Hospitals, Gas Poms and Aircraft

Using cellphones in hospitals, gas stations and airplanes is very dangerous.

Actually, the radiation produced by mobile phones is too weak to damage the aircraft's navigation system, blow up the gas station, and cause sick people to get sick.

However, if you want to play safely, you can temporarily stop using your mobile while in these locations.

9. Android phones are susceptible to viruses

The Android operating system is very susceptible to viruses because it is open source.

When compared with iOS which has tight security, Android is indeed more vulnerable to virus attacks.

Even though it's open source, in fact the Android operating system is very safe. Unsafe is the application. Especially if you download an application outside the Play Store that has not guaranteed security, the address of your smartphone will be exposed to malicious malware, gang!

10. Handphone Cause Cancer

Mobile phone radiation can trigger cancer.

Research shows that there is no correlation between the use of cellphones and cancer. Existing radiation does not have enough energy to directly damage DNA.

So, you don't need to worry that your cellphone will damage your brain and grow dangerous tumors.

So that is, 10 myths about cellphones that were not proven at all. What have you been believing for? Write in the comments column!
This year's HP flagship match is getting tougher, after Samsung, Huawei is now releasing its newest smartphone, the Huawei P30 series. At its launch on March 26, 2019, Huawei only introduced 2 variants. However, quietly there is one more variant, the Huawei P30 Lite.

The smallest sister of the Huawei P30 family, the P30 Lite, turned out to be quite a steal. Although not announced along with the P30 Pro and P30, but this mobile has features that are no less sophisticated.

Now, Rildem was given the opportunity to try Huawei P30 Lite for the first time, how is the impression? Come see more!

Huawei P30 Lite, the Smallest brother that Brings a Myriad of Flagship Features

So what makes this cellphone different from its brother?

Premium Design & Beautiful Colors

Speaking of design and color, the Huawei P30 Lite has a flagship smartphone style design with a selection of manawan color gradations. This mobile weighs 159 grams, with a slim shape. Judging from the back of the HP, the Peacock Blue color reminds the distinctive color of the Huawei P20 Pro. Of course it makes it feel premium even though the material used is not glass.

The triple camera configuration used by this cellphone is similar to his brother in terms of placement. Except here, there is no Leica writing, but 'triple camera'. You will also find Huawei writing and a little information about the location of making HP.

On the front side, on the screen there is clearly a U-shaped notch. There is nothing quite special with a front view. It's just that the bezel on this cellphone, Jaka's value is pretty slim.

However, when you turn on the cellphone, the new screen quality that looks 1080 x 2312 pixels will spoil your eyes. The sharpness of the IPS screen on the Huawei P30 Lite is enough to make Jaka satisfied.

The comparison of the screen with the HP body is at 84.2%, pretty cool for HP in its class. Unfortunately, the screen with notch like this is quite annoying when playing games. For example, when playing PUBG with full screen settings, the firing button on the left side of the screen is slightly closed by the notch. Making your game a little disturbed.

For problems watching Korean dramas or Youtube, it's not too annoying, really! Your eyes will get used to notch like this. On the right side of the HP, there are volume and power buttons. While on the left side is plain. The top of this HP has a slot for the SIM card + microSD and Mic.

While at the bottom, there is a USB-C port for the cas and the need to transfer any data with the cable. Then there is the speaker (this phone only uses one speaker) and a 3.5mm headphone jack (yey!).

The rest, you can look at this cell phone all day because it looks stunning.

Great performance for playing games

Of course you need a stubborn HP and can be used to play games other than social media. Huawei P30 Lite uses a Kirin 710 processor with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage capacity.

Suitable for playing games and doing multimedia activities everyday without annoying lag. This phone uses the Android OS 9 (Pie) with the EMUI 9 interface system.

For batteries, Huawei P30 Lite is only given a 3340mAH battery. Much smaller than his brother, but after Jaka tried to use the results were quite good, gang.

You can use this phone all day without being disturbed by running out of batteries, then charging quickly with the 18W fast charging feature.

From the results of the AnTuTu Benchmark test, Huawei P30 Lite scored a total of 116380. This figure is quite impressive for a Lite series on the flagship HP.

Triple Camera with Depth Sensor

Turning to the camera segment, the Huawei P series is known for its camera technology. Like the Huawei P30 Pro, carrying a camera with Leica optical features. However, for this Lite version Leica, the gang is not supported. Are the results of the photos getting worse or better?

The quality of the photos obtained from this HP is indeed not as good as the Huawei P30 Pro, but still produces impressive images with its own characteristics. The configuration of the triple camera that is used is able to provide satisfying photos. You can capture clear and detailed images with a 24MP main camera.

If you want photos with a blur effect, you can, because there is a 2MP camera depth sensor. Separation of the blur area on the photos should be thumbs up. Meanwhile, one other camera is used to do photography that covers a wide area, because there is an 8MP ultrawide camera. Suitable for you to use for natural photos.

Unfortunately, the RYYB sensor technology and the periscope zoom camera on the Huawei P30 Pro are not available on this cellphone.

Huawei P30 Lite specifications and prices

Huawei P30 Lite is priced at a very affordable price compared to his brother. Huawei only makes one variant of the Huawei P30 Lite at a price of 290 euros.

Here are the full specifications of the Huawei P30 Lite:

DetailsHuawei P30 Lite Specifications
Screen ResolutionIPS LCD, 1080 x 2312 pixels (~415 ppi)
OSAndroid 9 (pie), EMUI 9
ProcessorHUAWEI Kirin 710
GPUMali-G51 MP4
Internal Storage128 GB ROM
Rear CameraTriple camera: 24 MP (Wide Angle Lens, f/1.8 aperture,PDAF)
8 MP (Ultra Wide Angle Lens)
8 MP (Telephoto, f/2.4 aperture)
2 MP (f/2.4, depth sensor)
Front camera32 MP, f/2.0 aperture
Battery3340 mAh